Slay on a Budget with these Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas.

Where are the ladies at? Get in here, this is for you?.

So Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we are sure some of you already have plans to hang out with boo, probably going on a dinner date, going to see a movie or just a romantic walk on the beach. Some ladies on the other hand are still trying to figure out what to wear that won’t look cliche.

With this in mind, we’ll be sharing amazing ways that you can rock our Kunleskembe to help you slay on that date or your walk on the beach. Now here’s the best part; Ire Clothings is giving a 30% discount on every order you place from now till the 14th of February. So you see, you can slay on a budget ?

Here are our style suggestions for Valentine’s Day ?

It is a movie date, casual is allowed?
We have to keep it simple, it is a walk on the beach?
It is dinner time, heels to go.
Going all out with the dansiki and kembe.
From another angle, let’s hang out.
You can totally rock this.
Not a bad idea now, is it?

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