Our Movie Recommendations to Get You Through Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of the month when a lot of people showcase their different personalities once again. You get to see the “I’m single not searching” geng, the “I don’t care” crew, the boyfriend and girlfriend flaunters, the posers that buy gifts for themselves, and let’s not forget the “chai when” people.

Nevertheless, all these different personalities should enjoy Valentine’s Day because we all deserve love (isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about?). To make this day a memorable one, we recommend a nice cozy movie time. We’ve done the honors to collate 6 amazing movies on Netflix that’ll suit your persona and get you through Valentine’s Day!

For the Phone Addicts or those that are Always on Social Media : “Phone Swap”

It’s time to swap your “phone time” for a “movie time!” 😁

Phone Swap narrates the story of Mary (Nse Ikpe Etim), a warm-hearted fashion designer who works under a very stringent boss, and Akin (Wale Ojo), an arrogant, withdrawn and bossy business executive. They accidentally swap their mobile phones at a busy airport, which leads to an exchange in their destinations and the need to help carryout each other’s assignments. The romantic build up mixed with a lot of humour is enough to make your day a memorable one.

For the Nigerian Patriots and Die Hard Loyalists: “October 1”

All ye ride or die clan, this is for you! 😎

October 1, which is set in Colonial Nigeria, tells the story of Danladi Waziri (Sadiq Daba), a police officer from Northern Nigeria who is posted to a remote town of Akote in Western Nigeria to investigate the frequent female murder cases in the community, and have the mystery solved before the Nigerian flag is raised on October 1, Nigeria’s Independence Day. His undying devotion and pride in his homeland gives this story an incredible twist.

For the Human Rights Vocalist: “Citation”

Awon Soro Soke people, you’ll definitely fall in love with this! 🥰

Citation narrates the ordeals faced by Moremi (Temi Otedola) – a female postgraduate student who has to find a way of dealing with the awkward situation of sexual harassment from  Professor Lucien N’dyare (Jimmy Jean-Louis) – a popular male lecturer. Here’s the twist, Citation is not just about the act of sexual harassment, rather it’s centered on how to address such situation in the University.

For those that are tired of the Ordinary and love a good Plot Twist: “The CEO”

There’s no better way to say this but this movie will F**k with your mind big time! 🙌🏾

When five top level staff of a company are selected for a retreat where the new CEO of a global company will be chosen, a series of mysteries begin to unfold. What starts off as cordial retreat goes sour as they attempt to outdo one another to be named The CEO.

For the Home Buddies, Love Birds and I Go Love People: “Omugwo”

Every Igbo individual or those familiar with the Igbo culture can relate to this 😂

Omugwo tells the story of Omotunde (Omuwunmi Dada), a young civil engineer, married to Raymond (Ken Erics), an OAP who have just had a baby. Coloured by their different cultural backgrounds, their mothers-in-laws (Patience Ozokwor and Ayo Adesanya) forcefully move in with the couple to perform the Igbo child care rite called Omugwo. But instead of relieving their children of the burden of childcare, the mothers’ rivalry complicates life for the young couple to comical effects.

For the Dare Devils that don’t want the Regular Love Story: “The Figurine”

Because it’s Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you should stick to the usual “boy meets girl” cliché story… feel free to give it a twist with this supernatural suspense thriller (it comes with a spin of an eerie love story)

In this film, a pair of friends discover a mystical sculpture in an abandoned shrine. Good fortune is bestowed upon them after which their luck starts running out and their whole life crumbles… or so it seems.

If you want to go all out to spice up your Valentine’s Day a bit, give these soundtracks below a listen and always remember WE LOVE YOU! Happy Valentine’s Day in advance ❤️.

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