You are currently viewing Another KAP Magic Loading! Guess What We Are Working On?

Another KAP Magic Loading! Guess What We Are Working On?

2020 has been truly unpredictable, so much that a lot of people are doing things they’ve never done before. You can agree with us on this, right?

This time last year, we started the preproduction of #Citationthemovie, and now we’re about to embark on an extraordinary journey with a group of new faces that we’ve never worked with before 🥰.

We have the singer/songwriter Eniola Akinbo popularly known as Niyola, Ijeoma Agu, Deyemi Okanlawon, Kelvin Ikeduba, ex-big brother housemate; Offiong Anthony popularly known as Thin tall Tony, Eniola Badmus, Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha, Olusegun Akinremi, Joke Muyiwa, Omotunde Adebowale, Kunle Idowu famously known as Frank Donga, Bala Bello, and a cute face that went viral for the catch phrase “mummy please be calming down”; Oreofe Lawal.

Have you been able to guess what magic is cooking at our end? We’d be dropping subtle hints on our Instagram page, so follow us on @Kap_hub, @Kapmotionpictures and @Goldeneffectspictures.

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  1. Onyemaechi Ojukwu

    What ever the project is, I am sure it’s going to be epic and great! Really wish I had an opportunity to be part of the cast, it’s such a dream to be part of a KAP production.

  2. a͚k͚i͚n͚r͚i͚n͚l͚o͚ o͚l͚a͚y͚i͚n͚k͚a͚

    i͚t͚s͚ s͚o͚ g͚o͚o͚d͚ t͚o͚ g͚e͚t͚ t͚h͚i͚s͚ u͚p͚d͚a͚t͚e͚, a͚n͚d͚ i͚n͚ g͚r͚e͚a͚t͚er a͚n͚t͚i͚c͚i͚p͚a͚t͚i͚o͚n͚ i͚ a͚m͚ p͚e͚r͚s͚o͚n͚a͚l͚l͚y͚ r͚e͚a͚d͚i͚n͚g͚ t͚h͚r͚o͚u͚g͚h͚ t͚h͚e͚ t͚e͚xe͚s͚ t͚h͚a͚t͚ f͚o͚l͚l͚o͚w͚e͚d͚, i͚ w͚i͚s͚h͚e͚d͚ i͚ c͚o͚u͚l͚d͚ b͚e͚ g͚r͚a͚n͚t͚e͚d͚ a͚ r͚͚o͚͚l͚͚e͚͚, s͚i͚n͚c͚e͚ n͚e͚v͚e͚r͚ s͚e͚e͚n͚ f͚a͚c͚e͚s͚ w͚i͚l͚l͚ b͚e͚ f͚e͚a͚t͚u͚r͚e͚d͚, w͚h͚o͚ k͚n͚o͚w͚s͚, t͚h͚i͚s͚ c͚a͚n͚ b͚e͚ t͚h͚e͚ o͚p͚e͚n͚ d͚o͚o͚r͚ t͚o͚ t͚h͚e͚ p͚a͚t͚h͚ o͚f͚ m͚y͚ d͚r͚e͚a͚m͚.

    1. Divine

      How can someone be part of the cast

  3. Adeyanju Adeyemi

    Well done boss nice jobs
    I will love to participate in any of the project
    Thanks sir 07060905318

  4. Sade Alade

    Hope I will be in your next film, thank you ,God bless you.

  5. Anonymous

    Well Done KAP.
    We await the next magic. However, your boy here is available to be the script supervisor for this next big thing. 😃
    0814 829 9808

    1. Adeyanju

      I believe everything from you. You’re indeed ‘Primus inter pares’ (first among equal)