Watch: Our Zoom Conference with the Brains behind Citation + Arise Tv’s Exclusive Interview with the Director Kunle Afolayan

“Meet the brains behind Citation” zoom conference turned out spectacular. Not only was the conference very interactive, but it quickly became a film master class with each cast and crew giving exclusive insight into the world of filmmaking from the perspective of Citation. If you weren’t able to attend the conference, well we’ve provided a front row sit to the conference at the end of this blog. Trust me, there’s so much to learn from it. But first, here’s a little exclusive on our director’s interview with Arise Tv

Speaking on Arise Tv, our CEO was quite detailed with the experiences leading to the release of Citation on Netflix. Here’s a sneak peek of what he said, “Citation treats a subject that people are quite familiar with, not just in schools but in all walks of life. What we tried dealing with in the film is not the fact that these things exist, it’s the fact that if you find yourself in this situation, what are you going to do?”

Watch the full interview:

It truly takes a whole community to make a movie, and on the 8th of November, our community was finally completed with you at our virtual conference.

Hosted by our CEO, Kunle Afolayan, we also had the presence of our lead actress; Temi Otedola, our lead actor; Jimmy Jean-Louis, Adjetey Anang, Ini Edo, our associate producer; Mr Seun Soyinka, the renowned script writer; Tunde Babalola, our line producer; Mr Segun Akintunde, the award winning cinematographer; Jonathan Kovel, our makeup artist; Lola Maja, our sound recordist; Pius Fatoke, the team at KAP Hub, alongside over 200 audience from different parts of the world.

The meeting kicked off with our CEO highlighting the qualities he looks out for when casting. Afterwards, the cast and crew got to share what it was like working in their designated role.

Temi Otedola started off with how she memorized her English script in three different languages – Portuguese, French and Yoruba

I’m pretty sure you’ve come across the memes about Moremi’s Yoruba accent. Yeah, we found it funny too, but Temi got to reveal that the Yoruba intonation in Citation was deliberate. The intention was to encourage people in different parts of the world to embrace and speak their native language despite their accent. After all, If Moremi could do it, so can you 😉

Jimmy came in with loads of jokes and shared what it was like working on set with all the cast, especially Temi. After which the amazing script writer, Tunde Babalola took us through his scripting process and how it felt to write Citation.

The people from the sound department had their own experiences to share while working on the post production of Citation. Pius Fatoke (sound recordist) shared his excitement when he got the call to be a part of the team, and he commended his interactions with Kunle Afolayan which resulted in the good and clear sound we have in Citation. Anu Afolayan (Film composer/ scorer) on the other hand, gave insight into how he visualized on set, the sounds he’d slot into different scenes in the movie. Basically, the entire mix (sound design, ADR, Foley and the original score) of the film was done by one man – Anu Afolayan. Kent Edunjobi (the inhouse musician) concluded by sharing his experience on how he created the music that you all love (don’t worry, these soundtracks will be available soon for streaming on KAP Music).

Then we had our makeup artist; Lola Maja giving us the tips and tricks of make up transformation, and how she was able to pull off Jimmy Jean-Louis’ hair – which by the way was hand made, Adjetey Anang’s beards and Cardoza’s wrinkling look.

After these experiences shared, the virtual floor was open for the audience to ask their questions. We had observations coming in, commendations flowing and of course different questions to be answered.

Check out the video from the virtual meeting:

Now for the highlight of our day! We came across the review on Citation by IndireWire and it’s everything perfect to us! Click the link below and see for yourself.

Click (Here) to read the review.

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