#Citationthemovie: Meet Koyejo

#Citationthemovie: Meet Koyejo

We’re back with another reveal, and this time he’s quite a charmer with a versatile personality we are certain you will love!😍

Previously, we unveiled the course supervisor, Professor Lucien N’dyare, played by the award winning Haitian American actor, Jimmy Jean-Louis. We also shared a few exclusives about his character in #Citationthemovie. You can get a recap (Here)

The next character we want you to meet is our lover boy, Koyejo played by one of Nollywood’s foremost actors, Gabriel Afolayan.

Here are 5 things you need to know about Koyejo in #Citationthemovie:

  • He’s an expert in martial art, so you better not get on his bad side 😎
  • He’s a final year Medical student.
  • This sweetheart definitely has an eye for Moremi Oluwa
  • He can be a bit cheeky…
  • …But he is also overprotective. This has us wondering if it would get in the way of his relationship with Moremi Oluwa 🤔.

An intriguing character if you ask me, and we still have a few others we’d love you to meet. But until then, takeout your calendars and set your reminder for the 6th of November, because you’d get to watch all these characters on Netflix.

Check out his unveiling video:

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