#Citationthemovie: Meet Professor Lucien N’dyare

You have watched the official teaser and Netflix trailer for the soon-to-be released film, Citation, produced by the multi-award-winning producer/director, Kunle Afolayan. And now, it’s time to officially meet the characters in the movie.

First up, we have the course supervisor, Professor Lucien N’dyare, played by the award-winning Haitian American actor, Jimmy Jean-Louis.

Here are 5 things you need to know about Professor Lucien N’dyare in #Citationthemovie:

  • His charm, rugged good looks and polished French accent is one to attract a great deal of attention. You’ll see what we are talking about in the movie ?.
  • He is a highly accomplished academic and has taught in diverse universities, including the famous Université Cheikh Anta Diop located in Dakar.
  • Asides being a renowned academic, he has a solid 5 years experience in the United Nations.
  • He is a proud Senegalese with a tie to Nigeria through his maternal grandmother, and he is ever ready to defend his Senegalese jollof rice ?
  • His entanglement with Moremi Oluwa unfolds secrets that’s based on real events.

If you’re already fascinated by Jimmy Jean-Louis’ character – Professor Lucien N’dyare, wait till you see the next character to be revealed ?. Until then, it’s time we saved the date – 6th of November – for the release of #Citationthemovie on Netflix!

Watch his unveiling video:


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