5 Unforgettable Moments from the Students Private Screening of Citation in Lagos

Before we get into the gist for the day, there are few words we’d love to say… These past few weeks have been nothing but heartbreaking. We want to use this opportunity to pay our deepest condolence once again to those affected by the events of the past few weeks. Through it all, we will continue to stand in solidarity with the Nigerian youths in the call to end the police brutality and violence in Nigeria.

Now, let’s take you through what went down at the students private screening of #Citationthemovie in Lagos! Here are 5 moments from the 13th of October that won’t be leaving our mind anytime soon ?

The Screening and The Standing Ovation

The screening is a memory we won’t forget now or ever! It was priceless watching the students react to the scenes in the movie – the laughters, the aawwwsss, the aaahhhsss, including the way they talked to the actors through the screen. We are certain that the core message from the movie was passed across – which is to always speak up, because a single voice can change the narrative and instigate people to speak up. What truly sealed the deal on the 13th of October was the standing ovation that came right after the movie ended.

The Talk and the Advices

This moment had the students giving examples of sexual harassing situations, for instance; shouting opoor opoor when you see a lady with big boobs, sharing someone’s nudes without their consent, to mention a few. You’d be surprised by the different situations classified as sexual harassments that many are not aware of.

Also, we were honored to welcome two foremost female sexual harassment advocates; Dr. Fumilayo Doherty and Dr. Idowu Aneyo who gave further insights into the situation of sexual harassment on campuses. After which they laid out advices on ways to address the issue of sexual harassment.  

The Experiences Shared

If a single movie could inspire the students at the screening to speak up about their experiences on the subject of sexual harassment, imagine what it can do to the world. This is another moment we’ll not forget as we got to watch the ripple effect of Moremi Oluwa’s actions in real life. One word for these students, they are truly brave to speak up, and we love that!

Our CEO’s Speech

I mean, the screening cannot be complete without our CEO’s speech, right? ?

From speaking on the intentions behind the movie to talking about how the private screening was powered by Ford Foundation, a foundation dedicated to reducing poverty and injustice, strengthening democratic values, promoting international cooperation and advancement of human achievement. Our CEO, Mr. Kunle Afolayan also gave the students the opportunity to ask whatever questions they had in mind and boy! They had a lot to ask.

Pictures, Interviews, and more pictures!

Oh yes! This was another highlight of the day. We don’t need to say much here, because these pictures and video have done just that. Take a look.

Watch Video:

There you go, 5 moments we’ll never forget from the students private screening of Citation in Lagos, and all these were made possible by Ford Foundation.

So, Ladies and gentlemen, with 1 student private screening down, we have 4 more to go in different geopolitical zones in Nigeria – Abuja, Kwara, Enugu, and Edo. If you haven’t applied for the private screening yet, well, you still have a chance ?.

Apply here: https://forms.gle/jxutpiNrMGT3eMbJ8


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