Our Beauty is in Our Diversity

Remember when Stella (Chidinma) was bent on marrying Obadore (Demola) in film, The Bridge despite their cultural differences? If this is not true love, we don’t know what is 🥰.

Speaking of love, don’t you just love it when you see different cultures featured in a movie, advert or music video? There is just something beautiful about bringing the different dialects, cultures and personas together – this is what we are here for, and as it’s Independence Day, what better time to revisit these great moments than now, right?

Over time, we pride ourselves in the diversity of our productions and we strive to promote inter-tribal relationships across the world. This we have reflected in our films, some of which includes Omugwo, October 1, Irapada, The CEO, The Bridge, and Phoneswap.

Can we tell you a little secret? Many may not know this, but each of these productions are quite significant with the same goal – to unite all cultures from different parts of the world. We were watching Omugwo the other day, and it was all love and laughter at the KAP Hub. I mean, who wouldn’t fall in love with Patience Ozokwo’s role and how she portrayed the Igbo culture. Igbo Kwenu!

So guys with phone swap promoting the Igbo and Yoruba culture in a comedic way, October 1 showing the importance of unity in different tribes, The Bridge standing as a  perfect example that love conquers all, including tribal differences, let’s play our part and promote love and unity the little way that we can this Independence Day.

Here’s how we are promoting love and unity, watch the video below to see the true beauty in our diversity. Happy Independence Day!

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