A Tribute to Prof Ayo Akinwale & Chief Jimoh Aliu

A Tribute to Prof Ayo Akinwale & Chief Jimoh Aliu

The highest tribute to the dead is not grief but gratitude – Thornton Wilder

… and so, we have decided to dedicate this blog to appreciate our moments with Prof Ayo Akinwale and Chief Jimoh Aliu. We’ve come a long way as a family, and we are truly grateful for every memory together.

Prof Ayo Akinwale, your dedication and love for arts and culture is adored. No one could have played a better King Adeyemi in The Bridge than you. You’re truly a veteran that will forever remain in our hearts.

Chief Jimoh Aliu, your love for creativity knows no bounds! And this is reflective in your character, The Chief Priest, in The Bridge. But our time together didn’t just start in 2017 with The Bridge; it goes way back to 1980 with the production of Kadara, produced by Adeyemi Afolayan (Ade love), the patriarch of the Afolayan family. Your role as The Commander of the Local Army in Kadara is golden and will forever remain priceless.

Words can’t describe how grateful we are to have been a part of your lives on earth, but we hope these short videos will do justice. You will continue to live on in our hearts.

Much love…
The KAP Hub Family ❤️
Ire 🙏

Watch videos below:

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  1. Adekanye Kunle

    We bless God for the life and times of these great veterans. On two occasions we invited Baba Jimoh Aliu to Agbamu in the 70s for stage plays. He’s such a wonderful actor. The Lord grant them eternal rest and give the families the fortitude to bear the loss.
    To you Kunle, I always tell you you’ve not started yet. Greater grounds ahead for you to break God spearing your life to achieve your dreams.