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A Trip Down Memory Lane with Kunle Afolayan

Remember what they say about “memories lasting forever?” Well our CEO, Kunle Afolayan is taking us down a special memory lane and we bet this too will last forever. Enjoy ?

By virtue of my work, I meet pretty much same persons at different events all over the World (awards, premieres, festivals etc). One of such events was where I met Mama June (as I fondly call her) for the first time. It was at the 2007 AMAA awards held in Yenagoa, Bayelsa state Nigeria. She introduced herself and said “I am proud of you because I knew your Father…” . It wasn’t something I hadn’t heard before but every time I hear it from different people, it brings on a renewed feeling of pride for the memory and legacy of my Father, Adeyemi Afolayan (Ade Love).

We came in contact again at another event, in a different part and from there on we kept in touch, developed a mother and son relationship. During one of our phone call exchange, she said “I found the picture I took with your Father” and so she sent me this 32 year old photo.

June Givanni and Adeyemi Afolayan (Ade Love), 1987.
June Givanni and Kunle Afolayan, 2010.

She’s one of those people whom the universe assign as your guardian angel. They go before you, prepare the room for your welcome. This can only be possible because it’s been recognized that you put in work. Not just capitalizing on the legend your father is.

At the 6th Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA), 2010.

In 2007 AMAA award when Irapada featured, I also met Keith Shiri who also contributed majorly to my journey and career as a filmmaker but his own story will be next.

My conversations with Mama June is beyond priceless but I’ll let these screenshots do the talking…

This has made me reflect on how our work, words, actions and inaction could impact the memory people have of us, even after we are long gone and how this could spill to our generations to come.

If she did not have a wonderful memory of my Father, she wouldn’t get close and we wouldn’t have the sort of rapport we do now. If I did nothing positive to advance of the memory of my father, keep his legacy and keep my name on the map, our paths definitely would never have crossed.

Whatever we do, we must always do humanely and give 101% to.

Thankful for my Mama June Givanni.

June Givanni

In case you’re wondering who this remarkable woman is, well… June Givanni is a Guyanese-born London-based film curator. She specialized in African-related movies since 1985, and has worked internationally as a film and television programme consultant and writer. she is also a member of the Africa Movie Academy Award jury. As a well renowned film and broadcasting expert with over 30 years experience, she developed The Pan African Cinema Archive which is based on her collections from years of working in the field of cinema. This is one Archive that’s worth visting!

To visit June Givanni’s Pan African Cinema Archive, click (Here)

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