Moments with CNN Business News, and Tunde Kelani.

Moments with CNN Business News, and Tunde Kelani.

The Coronavirus pandemic has significantly interrupted plans, projects, and our everyday lives, hasn’t it? On CNN Business News, our CEO, Kunle Afolayan along side the founders of Dark Matter Studios, delved into the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Film Production companies in Africa. They were quite insightful.

Click (HERE) to watch

In addition to this substantial insight, over at KAP Hub, we were thrilled to welcome our mentor and role model, Tunde Kelani! For those who are yet to know Tunde Kelani, well, he also goes by the nickname TK. His relationship with our CEO dates back to Saworo Ide and Agogo Ewo, where Kunle Afolayan played the role of Arese Jabata, and has also featured in TK’s Dazzling Mirage. Afterwards, they developed a father-son relationship with TK as the Mentor. They are quite a pair, aren’t they? ?

Oh, did we mention Tunde Kelani will be a faculty head and a mentor at KAP Film & Television Academy? You can read more about that (HERE). Just as he impacted and motivated our founder, Kunle Afolayan to pursue his dreams in film, he’s ever ready to do the same for our intending students ?.


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